Friday, April 25, 2014

Petitions and More, April 25  Reject Anti-wildlife Proposals and Uphold the ESA! US
Pres. of Guyana: severe punishment for Acts of Cruelty against Dogs!  Please copy/paste, letter+emailaddresses: Protest against the fate of stray animals; the mayor claims that there is no problem; where are the subsidies granted by the Region of Sicily?   I urge you to take action against the production of foie gras in the EU! Confirm please!   Chicken Welfare!   Steve Bullock to Champion Wild, Migratory Bison & Reject Montana's "Slaughter for Habitat" Proposal! US   Perform a full EIS for the proposed Wilmington Port Expansion. US
                                                    ===========   News, video’s, poll’s  ===========   French poll: the Senate approved Monday sheep farmers to shoot wolves in ‘supervised conditions’. Rejected by environmentalists. Should we kill wolves in case of attack? Please vote NON! (supervised is not clear!)   April 24 is World Day for Animals in Laboratories!   Jan. 2014 European Parliament: 14 MEP’s voted against the proposal to improve the fight against wildlife crime

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