Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Horrific Yulin, China Dog Meat 'festival': put an END to it!

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Wang Kai, Acting Mayor of Yulin ,

Dear Yulin Municipal Party Secretary, Mr. Mayor
Dear Madam, dear Sir, To whom it concerns:

Every year on June 21, Chinese in Yulin City celebrate the "Yulin dog meat festival".
On this day about 15,000 dogs are inhumanely and torturously massacred.
Dogs are stolen from their homes, dogs are taken from the street, and even dogs that are already dead are taken and slaughtered for human consumption.

It is with profound distress that I am writing to you regarding this most inhumane and sadistic treatment of dogs!
Such horror is unprecedented!I respectfully remind you that deliberately torturing, beating, skinning and boiling alive dogs and cats at a public festival is not just unacceptable in this Millenium, it NEVER has been!

I appeal to your ethical conscience and compassion as a human being, that you surely must have in your heart,  for the unmeasurable suffering of man’s best friends, sentient beings, dogs and cats!
Please put an end to so much suffering inflicted upon the most defenseless members of your society:  the animals!

Please make it illegal for butchers, anybody,  to inflict this much suffering, pain and agony on these voiceless and defenseless animals!

Please investigate these sadistic, barbaric atrocities, and BAN any food and beverage that is based on this kind of utmost cruelty!
Make it a law to protect dogs and cats against these kind of abominations, with severe punishment and penalties if not abided by!