Friday, April 11, 2014

Petitions and More, April 11  Needs more support!  Let’s ask India’s future government to protect Mahan’s forests! Villagers are being intimidated by goons. Their signatures have been forged to show approval for Essar’s plans. And to add to this, Essar has filed a suit to gag the people of Mahan and Greenpeace!
Throwing a cat against a wall is an act of barbarism! It seems incredible but the French law ranks animals in the category of furniture!  More signatures still needed!   Orangutans under threat -- the plan to win; add your message please!  We, the undersigned citizens of New Mexico, reject horse slaughter because it is inherently cruel!   Honest labelling on poultrymeat could help transform the lives of chickens across Europe!
many more signatures neede!  Urgent, today, more attention please!  Protect valuable bear, caribou and bird habitat from potential drilling! US   Argentinia: Stop Horses being exploited, abused and neglected daily in the cities, with their heads down, dirty bodies and vision reduced!   Save the hunting dogs such as galgos and podencos in Spain. Include them in the Spanish animal welfare act
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