Thursday, April 3, 2014

Petitions and More, April 3   Serbia, the Mayor of Subotica City plans to close AZIL ALEX shelter by bringing the dogs from this shelter into what is wrongly called the city ‘shelter'!  First, last name, city, skip, email. Confirm please via the blue link!! (evtl. in your spam)   Use (Google) translate: scroll down to sign!  Air France,  stop giving one way to primates for experimentation and death!  Still needs more signatures!
More signatures please!  Stop long-distance Live transport to non-EU countries and the horrific Slaughter there! Needs much more attention!  European Commission, we request  that the protection law for pigs is fully complied with now!  It's time for Cargill to cut Conflict Palm Oil!  To send an email to  , the Bucharest mayor, concerning the false accusations towards Romanian NGO’s, made by Bancescu, and his incompetence to work within ASPA!  Urgent, Serbia, the City pound will be a death camp for dogs from Azil/shelter Alex! Scroll down for English text
University of Ferrara, Italy, rethink the project and use the funds destined to the realization of the animal research facility to create a research center which would use innovative methods and advanced technologies NOT based on the use of animals!  ZDF, do not take back or change the facts about hunting!   UK, Reintroduction of the dog license and compulsary micro chipping
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