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Romania April 2014. Please send a message also

Forwarded, adapted sample letter, please mail as many as possible (but not too many in 1 email message!)
Subject: Romania April 2014

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European Parliament Members, Representatives,
Sir, Madam:

We have been giving you all information and have been exposing the ongoing cruelty in Romania towards sentient beings for the past 6 months.

With this fourth message we ask you to truly take REAL action to prevent further cruelty towards Romanian dogs, to save their lives, and to reach out to a lot of caring, decent people, volunteers, who’s lives are filled with sorrow, and financial debts because of what’s going on in this EU country, Romania.
Except for discussing the issue, no concrete steps have been taken so far!

We DO NOT believe nothing can be done ... Romania signed the Treaty of Lisbon and the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals  CETS No. 125 , where is mentioned: stray dogs being abandoned pets!
And this is what most Romanian’s are encouraged to do by the authorities, so most cities and their dogcatchers and –killers can be paid well for every victim!
and is not following it’s rules, not to mention how they severely neglect the rules within the constitutional law for the Romanian citizen.
As tax payers this is even effecting us (budgets given to Romania indirectly by other EU-countries).

Embezzlement of taxes

We even start wondering if the treaty of Lisbon can't be re-written, so we can urge Romania to stop this insanity.

We include examples of the broader picture and how mismanagement of any stray animal management program impacts the psychological health of individuals, and therefore society. The issue therefore is not restricted to suffering animals, and can be re-dimensionalized into the socio-economic and socio-political domains.

Romania is an EU-member state where all democratic procedures are put aside to promote limitless animal cruelty that traumatizes many Romanians beyond repair or healing, and therefore brings this barbaric conduct into a whole different area of rights; the human rights as described in the Declaration of Human Rights.

Romanians are being forced to witness extreme cruelty daily to such an extent that they are completely deprived of their dignity and integrity as human beings.

Children are exposed to barbaric actions which can harm their development into autonomous and compassionate adults and thereby shape a whole, new generation of people who are desensitized and depersonalized to such an extent that many of them will be willing recruits to further violence and crimes.

This scenario is chilling and is supported by extensive, international psycho-social and criminal reports and statistics.  It's about time other EU-countries become seriously involved in the prevention of this anti-social development and apply strong pressure to halt this by taking real measures addressing the Romanian authorities.

Force them to act like decent, civilized, humnae EU-members, there is NO way we can allow them to euthanize innocent dogs with anti-freeze or by clubbing them to death!

Urge them:

- to apply decent spay/neuter programs: this country uses a lot of money to kill, so force it to use this for a humane, civilized and cheaper,  more effective sollution to control the dog population!
- to promote adoption: does this way of adoption looks appealing to you? ASPA signed a declaration to promote adoption, but they will do anything, except for that;

- to apply structured anti-rabies vaccination programs ( preventing also new outbreaks in other countries) ...
- get independent groups to control these public shelters concerning the dogs care, treatment, health (food, water, hygiene, medical care), and control of ‘shelter’ –administrations to prevent fraude!

Please be advised that as long as this abuse continues:
- we will keep showing the entire world the reality of these dog death camps,
- we will keep notifying the world about the money-making, financial interests behind the bussiness of killing dogs in these barbaric, unlawful ways,
- we will boycot Romanian products and tourism, as no one wants to be associated with a corrupt, cruel and immoral country!


- ASPA Pallady Drumul Lunca Jaristei, Sector 3 Bucuresti ASPA Mihailesti Strada Complexului, Mihailesti,
Giurgiu :

- Adapostul Odai, Primaria Sector 1

- a Vermasvuori the public shelter “Breasta” in Craiova


- dog shelter

- dog ‘shelter’  Grivei, Oradea,
Huneadora public shelter
Buzau, Cornetu,Balotesti !

Fundulea private shelter


Romania: employees of the ASPA kill dogs for public money and mass murder ...


Craiova shelter

Further proof:




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