Friday, April 18, 2014

Petitions and More, April 18  Please Support a Buyout of the Sealing Trade!  Back a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare!   Take action for endangered species and wild places!  As well,  BLM, Protect Public Land from Illegal Cattle!  Actions for the Amazon!   Save more Cats and Kittens! Florida  Urge Montana's Governor Steve Bullock to Champion Wild, Migratory Bison &  Reject Montana's "Slaughter for Habitat" Proposal! Non-US: State=none, ZIP=5 digits   Stop the Dog and Cat massacre in Spanish kennels!  Needs more signatures   Protect the slow Loris!  Barclays: Stop Financing Mountaintop Removal!  ..  Help keep ship sewage out of Puget Sound!  Univ. of Barcelona: UBGats urgently requests a new, safe location after losing 10 cats in the intended arson of June 28, 2013!   Mexico, Gov. of the Federal District, legislators: Ban the sale of neglected animals in Maskota, Petland, markets, street shops and flea markets, it's against the Law!   Mexico, Miguel Angel Mancera, Head of Gov. of the Federal District: Change the Chapultepec Zoo in Animal Treatment and give them more Space!   Stop the USFW from delisting wolves in the lower 48 states!   Stop EBAY Corporation from allowing the sales of animal traps and trapping supplies used to kill !
                                           =============     News, video’s, polls     ===============  For a private shelter in Craiova, Romania!   Gray Wolf May Be Listed as Endangered Species in California?

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