Thursday, April 17, 2014

Petitions and More, April 17

Needs more signatures, Romania, Braila!  Demand that FWS Review the Status of Idaho’s Wolves! For non-US: State=none, ZIP=5 digits. Needs more signatures urgently!   Take Emergency Action to Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf!  As well!  Maryland's Spay/Neuter Grant Program must address feral cats! Maryland ZIP etc. only  For all other State Legislative Alerts (and Updates)!   Appr. 21 000 Sled dogs, so-called Greenland dogs, vegetate amidst waste, under the most miserable conditions; protest please! (use translate)  In Austria, an estimated 30,000 pets are killed by hunters every year! Protest please!  Against the killing of 35,000 Ravens in Steiermarken, Austria!   Impose tough rules that will protect our national wildlife refuges from fracking!  With the support of MEPs, we can make it Europe's year of the Horse too! Activate your info, continue next page, to send ‘Let’s eat our dogs’ , report this Facebook page please!
Help Nosey! Urge the USDA to Revoke Cruel Elephant Exhibitor's License!  The Edisto river is at risk due to unchecked water withdrawals from agriculture   Remove chief Bankston and Animal Control Officer Jimmy Gilbert because of Animal Abuse at the Bonham Animal Facility!
More signatures still needed!
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