Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Petitions and More, April 23   Ukraine: Do not let your animals starve! The situation in the Zoo remains alarming! Click ’je confirme’ on top; Postal code=5 digits; Confirm in the (spam) mail afterwards please   We Want Air India to Stop Shipping Animals to Laboratories!   Declare the killing of Lambs in the period before Easter illegal; give up on the "tradition" of eating Lamb!  Cap 5 digits. Confirm afterwards in the (spam)mail please  PepsiCo: Commit to buying responsible, rainforest-healthy palm oil!   Make Three Sisters Springs a true Manatee sanctuary! Scroll down to sign!  The hunting community in Baden-Württemberg makes a massive mobilization against the new hunting law. She wants to ensure that the few improvements in the interests of animal welfare be removed from the law. Protest please! 
Mayor of Cabrières 34800: Stop the mysterious disappearance of Cats at Cabrières 34800!   BP: finish cleaning up the Gulf oil spill mess!
Needs many more signatures!   Raise Your Voice and Ask World Leaders to Protect Penguins!
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