Friday, April 4, 2014

Petitions and More, April 4   Please pass law that directs the DNR to implement the Wolf Management Plan, suspend the Wolf hunting and trapping season and stop the indiscriminate methods used to kill wolves!  International protest   Immediately withdraw the draft rule to delist gray wolves!   Call Minnesota Lawmakers! US   Sign against the Suffering of Dogs in Europe please! Use (Google) translate  If not done yet, 2 petitions, and send a letter please!
Justice for this little Dog!  Save Wildlife and their Habitats from Deforestation! US   Protect Orcas from deadly Navy Sonar!  ...Crisis in the Casanare, Colombia: the Government claims that the drought is not as severe, but residents disagree; many animals died and are dying    Tell the EPA We Don't Need BP
                                                          ===========    News, video’s, polls   ===========  Kastrationprogramms ‘at home’ , Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia; Germany says NO to Animal Killings!  Use translate please  to contact