Sunday, April 6, 2014

Petitions and More, April 6  Give Horses greater Protection! UK-ZIP   2 Urgent Actions please:  Stop Cornell University's Violent Deer Killing!  --Help End the Needless  Abuse of Animals for Cosmetics Testing!  US
Romania, Bucharesti, to take action and email; Bancescu’s ‘interview’ translated....  The story of the rescue of six doomed beagles. Destined to suffer and die in a laboratory. When is the trial?  Get this hellish Slaughterhouse shut down! More signatures still needed!  Take action please against the Kangaroo Slaughter and Sale of Meat!  Co-operative, reclaim your Superhero status, Good Chicken award,  by living up to your promises!  Sign for adoption of eight military German Shepherds, previously planned to be sacrificed in laboratory experiments! Confirm via the blue link in the mail please! (maybe Spam..)   No more Wild Animals in a Circus!
Copy/paste, send protest to,,,,,,,,,,,,,
More signatures please!   Firing of Debi Shuker of San Bernadino City Shelter in California for abuse
                                                             ============   News, video’s, polls   ===========  Romania, Poll: Are you for or against euthanasia (= barbaric killing) of stray dogs? Vote contra=against please,   Voteaza   (rigged poll...)

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