Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Petitions and More, April 16

Urgently needs many more signatures!  Australia, Denis Napthine promised to protect breeding dogs but has suddenly made a cruel backflip and will instead subject them to years of extra breeding; protest please!
Stop your cruel and deadly experiments on animals!  Needs more signatures!  Congress Must Act to End Abusive Practice of Soring Horses! US  Speak out against Maple Leaf chicken hatchery's Cruelty!  We’re calling on the Presidents of the Commission and EU Agriculture Council, once and for all, to ban foie gras!  Transfer 2,714 Acres of the Elliott State Forest into Conservation! US    Senator Merkley can protect our forests and our climate, US-Oregon   Colombia, Justice and support for the acid-burned kitten Guacar√≠, Valle del Cauca
                                                      ==============   News, video’s, polls   ============   Radu Termure, Romania, Cluj; scroll down for English!  Vote for Animals, EU!    News, articles on Animals

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