Thursday, August 31, 2017

Petitions and More, August 31  U.S. President, Congress and Department of the Interior, redirect tax dollars toward on-range management of wild horses and burros and away from the Bureau of Land Management’s antiquated, inhumane and unsustainably expensive system of capturing, removing and warehousing wild horses! Please sign and share! US-info. Congress will return to Washington after their August recess. When they do, our elected officials will determine the fate of America's iconic wild horses and burros. Please call/email!  Anybody can participate. Please show your support for slaughterhouse CCTV! Contact the USDA and demand the maximum fine against Ruby Fur Farm, Inc.! Copy, paste (add your own words), send please. If possible, give them a call! Together we can fight against factory farming and for animal rights! Darden's animal cruelty, protest France. Animal Cause: support  Jeanine Poullain, who devoted her life to rescuing abandoned cats and dogs in Crosne, Essonne. Now, 30 years later, she can no longer stay, seeking refuge herself. To confirm Paraguay. Stop the destruction of the Pavetti Park, ancient district of Santísima Trinidad, in the city of Asunción; it is a Natural Patrimony of the City and included in the Catalog of Buildings and Sites of Urban, Architectural, Environmental, Historical and Artistic of Asunción! Let’s get to 200,000 sign.! Save the primeval forest with its Wildlife of Białowieża, Poland, Europe, it's invaluable!  Costa Rica, don't export that stockpile of hammerhead shark fins  We want to keep the managed, sterilized Cat-colony in the Town of Schoelcher, Martinique (French overseas area),  these Cats are threatened to be abducted, and most likely killed, despite an agreement signed with the SPA!  Please sign! Russia. Stop the illegal shooting of animals on the streets in the village of Rakhmanovo! Russia.  Logoisk District. We ask you to punish the perpetrators of cruel treatment of animals in the territory of the IC "Triple-Agro"!
Ministry for Animal Protection and Support! The current system is inadequate and incorrect, this should Not be the 'task' of the Min. for Forest and Water Works! Turkey. Request: Zonguldak Alaplı Hospice animal deaths have to be prevented, no more neglect, no more poor conditions. Apply the 5199 animal rights law Spain. Murcia. Allow us to manage, control and feed a cat colony in Algezares Russia. Shelters needed in Volgograd for the homeless dogs and cats, with neutering programs, treatment and adoption..... End Experimental Testing on Dogs by the VA! Demand CCTV in Slaughterhouses Now! More sign. please! South Korea: Protect All Dogs From The Cruel Dog Meat Industry Don't Let Trump Drive Yellowstone's Grizzlies Extinct. Needs a few more sign.! Stop Seismic Blasts #SaveTheWhales! More sign. please Dog-Killer Michael Vick Does Not Deserve His New Job Stand with John Oliver Against Big Coal!
             ========   News and more   ======= Animal Victims of Hurricane Harvey: Rescued and Safe! More Help is Needed! Paypal as well


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