Saturday, August 12, 2017

Petitions and More, August 12 We pledge not to visit Namibia whilst the seal hunt continues! US-info.  Please reject efforts to undermine and weaken the Endangered Species Act, including S. 935!  Call on the UK government to help stop the elephant poaching crisis, some elephant ivory trade is still legal in the UK! 1) Prevent the Execution of Endangered Wolves, Smackout wolf pack! 2) Tippah County: Stop Abusing Rabbits for Entertainment More actions, if not signed yet. Don't Silence Animal Advocates Through Anti-Net Neutrality! If not signed yet! If not signed yet. Switzerland. Spay and neuter stray cats in, stop the suffering! France.  No to the increasingly flagrant laxity of the French courts! This guy, dragging his dog behind his car to death, must pay for it! To confirm Pacific Fishery Management Council, authorize innovative fishing gear designed to avoid the capture of whales, dolphins, and sea turtles in California’s swordfish fishery: deep-set buoy gear!  Ecuador, Amazon. A Chinese oil company wants to drill for oil in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. If Big Oil drills in this region, it would devastate the Sapara community and the ecosystem they live in Colombia. Governor and ICA: I urge you to urgently monitor the population, both canine (dogs) and feline (cats) in the municipality of Herveo, Tolima; sterilization and complete vaccination programs for dogs and cats are urgent Romania. Braila: Mayor, council, Stop the massacre of dogs in the dogpound, cooperate in the neutering, spaying programs! Russia. Amend Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, take into account the wishes of the representatives of the animal protection community from different cities of Russia, a large number of cruel and sadistic acts has not been mentioned! Russia. Justice for dog Linda, severely beaten by the neighbor, Kostroma Region; please start criminal proceedings! Russia. Punish the brutal killer of dog Caesar, tied to the car and dragged along the road in Spas, Kostroma region. To the full extent of the law! Russia. Punish the killers of the dogs with a real term, also a fine of 5 million rubles, to finance shelters for homeless animals and their sterilization No to the prestigious World Dog Show to be held in China, a country without any animal protection laws Argentina. Changes are needed! 32 hostels in the BAP program (Buenos Aires Presente), and none provides accommodation for the homeless with pets! Argentina. Urgent protection of grasslands and forest of Talar and declaration of Natural Reserve  Argentina. Córdoba Capital, avoid further contamination of the Suquía River and clean it Instagram: No Likes for Selfies that Promote Animal Cruelty
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