Friday, August 18, 2017

Petitions and More, August 18 If not signed yet. Secr. of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, animals are sentient beings and this needs to be recognised by law in the UK! Needs 150,000. PepsiCo and Nestlé still use palm oil, which destroys the rainforest and the habitat of elephants and orangutans in the Leuser ecosystem!  International. Mexican Wolf Draft Recovery Plan, First Revision. Again. Compose comments with the help of   !  Shocking images! If not signed yet. There is no legal consequence for the workers. We need laws to protect farm animals from these acts of cruelty and ill-treatment! Germany. City of Mainz, take responsibility for the many stray cats who suffer a miserable existence; I demand a castration obligation for stray cats! To confirm  If not sent yet. US-info. Tell Your Senators to Oppose the Dairy Pride Act, introduced in an attempt to drive out competition and prevent plant-based alternatives from using basic terms like "milk," "yogurt" and "cheese" If not signed yet.  Protect one of India's most sacred animals and the country's national heritage animal, ask the minister to enact a complete ban on elephant performances Premier, stop the exploration and protect the Kimberley Coast from mining!  Scroll down please. Speak out to Defend Our Public Lands From Massive New Fracking Chile. Enforce the law and punish cases of animal abuse shown in social networks! Spain. City of Padul. Change your cat-extermination policy (throwing their food out for the rats and fining caretakers 500 €!) Meet with animal groups for a real solution Russia. Requesting an area to create an animal shelter in Krasnoyarsk, with a sterilization station, quarantine and temporary holding for animals Brazil. Realeza needs a temporary shelter for the treatment of sick abandoned animals New petition.  Spain. No to Black Cat cruelty! Despite having collected more than 145,000 signatures of people against the celebration of the so-called "Black Cat Feast," Carasa festival, in Voto, in which a cat is thrown into the crowd, the mayor Jose Luis Trueba decided to ignore them and to carry it out anyway!   No to a $ 35 million pig slaughterhouse in the Bondville area of ​​Lac-Brome, Canada! Russia. Stop the atrocities towards horses at the Roslavl Equestrian Club, Smolensk region! Spain. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared the arruí goat a "vulnerable" species in 1986; it is not an invasive species, it does not displace the mountain goat! Requesting an investigation to find out if the Region of Murcia has complied with current legislation by exterminating the arrui goat! Italy. KJ2, the EU bears project in Trentino must be run by people from outside Trentino! Spain. Request for an animal shelter in Castrillón Asturias, coordinated by animal protectors  Philippines. Construction of an Animal Shelter for Stray Cats and Dogs in General Santos City  ..... no official target Spain. Aleria. Punishment for those who used a young stranded dolphin to make selfies, instead of rescuing it, causing it to die! Mexico. Promote a Healthy Ecosystem in the Nevado de Toluca - Free Amparo
               ========   News and more   ========  Urgent support needed.  Utah public money is used for a "Wild Horse Summit" in Salt Lake City next week, attracting pro-slaughter "wildlife managers" and other pro-ranching special interests to lay the roadmap to begin the killing of America's healthy wild horses. Ryan Zinke, is expected to attend ... Updates Europe, German language


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