Friday, September 1, 2017

Petitions and More, September 1 Solitary confinement. Baby monkeys. Forced nicotine addiction. Restraint chairs. The FDA filmed these tests...but it refuses to hand over the videos, so we've filed a new lawsuit!  US-info. Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act Would Gut the Wilderness Act and Public Lands Protections! The anti-wilderness provisions in the SHARE Act must not be enacted into law! Help preserve world-class Wilderness in Alaska! Tell your senators to oppose the Izembek Wilderness Road! FEMA: Don't Leave Dogs to Drown in Houston Flood! US-info. Support the Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2790) Once more. Urge Bayer and Novartis to no longer support these cruel animal experiments! Against unstunned slaughter in Belgium. Confirm sign. please Once again. Stop HR 2603 before it wipes out Africa’s wildlife! They’re calling it the SAVES Act, but the only thing this bill saves is wildlife traffickers’ profits! Needs more attention. Netherlands. Dutch breeding farms breed 8 million ducks yearly for their meat, down and feathers under shocking conditions. We demand a ban! (Click on the second box) US-info. Keep Crater Lake Wild, protect Wildlife! Oppose. Trump wants Michael Dourson, best friend to the chemical industry, to lead the EPA’s toxics program! Development, validation and legal acceptance of alternative methods to animal experimentation in the field of cosmetic products. SV, resume the resolution and re-propose it to the Commission for all the necessary measures to prohibit the clinical trials with animals for cosmetic products and, in particular, to establish a tax on cosmetics, intended to fund research activities on alternative methods Mexico. Monterrey. Stop the killing and barbaric treatment of dogs in your dogpound; they have the right to live and get a second chance!  Japan. Requesting a long prison sentence, not just a fine, for Oya Makoto, boiling and burning Cats! Mexico. Municipality of Guadalajara, comply with and enforce the Sanitary Regulation of Control and Protection of Animals for the Municipality of Guadalajara, also for Horses! Belgium. Athénée de Jumet, Hainaut. Justice for little Puce, cat raped, died in atrocious suffering because of the inflicted wounds! Turkey. Request for official support for Artvin's Hopa distric shelter, more space is needed and necessary equipment to improve the conditions! France. Request for a 100% tax- exemption on donations that finance the Animal Protection Associations for their sterilization and treatment campaigns for stray cats ! France. Mr Nicolas Hulot, Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition, quickly set up a popular initiative referendum in order to know the opinion of the French on Bullfighting! Spain. Andalusia. Prohibit Steel Sticks on Dog Collars Italy. Hydrants and cameras, prevention and repression of fires in Marina di Grosseto! Tell the Army to Deny Marina Project in Saugatuck Dunes
              =======  News and more   ======== Groups Challenge Decision to Remove Yellowstone Grizzly Protections


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