Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Petitions and More, August 23 Is the Concocted Wild Horse Crisis based on Fraud? Read Marybeth Devlin’s opposition to the proposed Antelope and Triple B Roundup and comment. Send it to your elected officials to enlighten them and ask for them to intervene!!/
-------------------------------------  Save the Snow leopard, one is killed every day!  Needs 2,275 more petition signatures for dog #A7 by midnight tomorrow! Russia. Dogs confined near a garage almost burned to death but the catch and kill company doesn't care;  authorities of Novokuznetsk, is this the way you want it to be? Turkey. Report this sadistic ‘person’ and the online account on social media, and close it! Needs more signatures. Turkey. Ankara. Demanding a more severe punishment for this business tradesmen who killed the cat just begging for food! Still needs to pay the lawyer... Brazil. Demanding a Shelter for Street Pets in São José do Rio Preto, SP,  there should be a public service to rescue injured, ill-treated, sick or abandoned animals, and to control over the growing number of animals roaming the streets No to 2 intensive pig farms in Sobrarbe, Santa María de Buil, located in an area of ​​interest to the Geopark and Sierra de Guara Natural Park; 1000 pigs each! France. Ardennes. No to the extension of an industrial poultry farm of 90,000 chickens in Annelles (O8), where another chicken farm of 170,000 chickens already exists! Argentina. City of Buenos Aires. Close the illegal market at Pompeii - Cap.Fed. FCC: Block the Dangerous Conservative TV Take Over
                           ========  News and more   ========= The seventh international animal rights conference in Luxembourg will take place on September 7th until 10th 2017 at the Kulturfabrik in Esch, Luxembourg

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