Saturday, August 5, 2017

Petitions and More, August 5 Three Actions. 1) Punish Sadists Who Slit Dog's Throat on Snapchat! 2) Stop School Glorifying Bullfights 3) Wild Horse and Burro Extermination — No Way!  (take action, click to send the letter) Scroll down to sign. Protest. Department store Harvey Nichols recently went back on its 10-year-long anti-fur policy and is now selling items made from the skins of raccoons, rabbits and minks. The company's excuse is that it only sources its fur from "Origin Assured" countries. As you've just seen, that label means nothing! Encourage the Indian Embassy to take action so horses will no longer be abused for antitoxin production; please Close Illegal Equine Serum Facilities in India! US-info. Comment. The Trump administration's draft Mexican Wolf “Recovery” Plan would suppress wolf numbers, sharply limit their distribution and hand over the rare wolves’ management to political appointees on state game commissions! Once more. Make animal welfare a Belgian constitutional duty France. Yes to the convention with 30 million friends for the sterilization of stray cats in the commune of Feurs 42! To confirm France. Mayor of Briançon (Hautes-Alpes). Finance a trap, neuter and return campaign for abandoned cats If not signed yet. France. Moratorium to immediately stop hunting in the PACA region and Haute-Corse! If not signed yet. Protest. The Norwegian government is opening up a new oil frontier in the Arctic for the first time in 20 years. Companies like Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Statoil want to cash in as soon as possible Needs more signatures! Chinese Community in Mexico:  stop using dog and cat meat in dishes of your restaurants, it's illegal! Switzerland. Protest!  Dr. Dr Paul Witzig and Herr Regierungsrat Walter Schönholzer, act upon the scandalous tragedy taking place on Hefenhofen, Thurgau region, the land of Mr. Ulrich Kesselring, horse breeder, convicted of animal cruelty; save the still living horses! Brazil. Arraial do Cabo. Request for a Free Veterinary Hospital for the treatment and castration of abandoned dogs and an effective adoption campaign Germany. Demanding the resignation of Federal Chancellor and Consumer Protection Minister Christian Schmidt, protector of the animal exploitation industry Germany. Oldenburg. The first Sea eagle breeding couple in the Ammerland must be protected! .... Bring the Eurasian Lynx Back to the UK Congress: Don’t cut funding for Malan Basin in Utah .........Congress: Don’t cut funding for Lolo National Forest in Montana
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