Monday, August 14, 2017

Petitions and More, August 14 If not signed yet. Against the Chinese dog and cat fur industry Needs more signatures. ZIP=5 digits. Ask Congress to protect America's wild horses and burros. Take action today  EU, stop the suffering of chickens for egg production! To confirm France. Prevent the Palm Oil factory of La Mède, next to Marseille! To comment. France. General food diet: for a sustainable agricultural system Secretly-recorded footage from the Papanack Zoo, a roadside zoo outside Ottawa, reveals shocking conditions for animals Protest against raping dogs; Denmark, Norway, disgusting atrocities committed in  Icin Legal Animal Brothels in Thailand! Russia. Justice for this puppy, beaten to death by police officers at Belgorod, Boulevard 1st Salute 5, in front of children! Request Turkey's Ambassador to the United States, Serdar Kılıç, to advocate for stronger punishment for animal abuse! Requesting the hunting season be canceled throughout Calabria, Spain, after this period of fires and repeated devastation in our forests for the repopulation of fauna and the protection of the few surviving animals! Turkey. Bursa. Council, allow the distribution by volunteers of food and water for the stray animals Italy. We demand that the punishment for the crime of arson be raised, no matter who causes it. We demand exemplary sentences! Spain, EU, Animals have to be recognized as sentient beings, the minimum recognition that a living being has to possess Spain. Take appropriate measures to protect wildlife from traffic at Los Ranchos del Guadiamar and Los Encinares de Sánlucar Thai Gov., outlaw the use of live animals as ping pong show objects in Thailand for adult sex entertainment!
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