Thursday, August 24, 2017

Petitions and More, August 24 US-info. Save Florida Panthers from Trump’s Anti-Environment Agenda, keep their endangered status! US. Votes are expected in September that may decide the fate of American wild horses. So keep up the pressure! #NoHorseSlaughter ! UK-info. Ask to your MP to back campaign to ban cruel battery breeding cages for gamebirds Brazil. On Animal cruelty. Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, sanction Bill 4564/2016 authored by Federal Deputy Francisco Floriano (Dem/RJ) proposing alteration in the sentence for imprisonment from 4 (four) to 16 (sixteen) years , and the penalty is doubled if the crime was committed by the owner Legislative Assembly of the State of Paraíba: speed up the process and approve the Paraíba Code of Law and Animal Welfare! Turkey. Authorities, act upon Cruelty towards Animals! Spain. Stop this horse abuse, "Tiro i Arrastre'', called "sport", hitting horses in different areas of the body, snout, belly, testicles, head! This is subsidized by the Government of Valencia with 9000,- Euro’s! Turkey. Address sadisme towards animals! Turkey. Animal Murderers must be punished ( Sud Andasa) ! Russia. Help create a shelter for homeless animals in the city of Novokuznetsk Support the Pet and Women's Safety Act Protect Wildlife - Keep Plastic Water Bottles Out of Our Parks
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