Thursday, August 3, 2017

Petitions and More, August 3  US-info. Tell Congress: Gray wolves are national treasures, not hunting trophies!  Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal FC, cancel your plans to broadcast yours Outdoor TV channel in the UK, we are against (trophy) hunting! Send a message to the 12 leaders of the snow leopard countries to take stronger action in saving these endangered cats! Once more. Tanzania. Save Selous from industrial scale threats such as wildlife crime and other harmful actions! US-info. Stop HR 2603 before it wipes out Africa’s wildlife!  Do not let notorious Adriaan Straathof ever keep pigs again! This time 24,000 pigs burned alive in the largest Dutch pig factory ever! To sign, new petitions, or in need of more signatures  If not signed yet. Closure of the Tielt slaughterhouse! To confirm  Oppose  the destructive system of vast palm oil plantations France. The Veterinary Services must prohibit the arrival of the Folco family and its elephants in France, the law has to be applied, since all animal abuse is prohibited, or pursue this trainer and family for animal abuse  ..... (will this help these elephants????) ZIP=5 digits. Zinke: Stop new drilling leases in our Arctic Ocean! We call on the Government to retain the level of protection that was enshrined in Australia's Marine Park Network in 2013 US-info. Protect Lake Erie - Keep Our Water Safe
Help us stop the massacre of street dogs in Zenica, Bosnia! Germany. The "New Farming Rules", the grievances and suffering in industrial agriculture and its effects on the animals and environment, should be visible to everyone; this poster campaign must not be stopped! State Duma of the Russian Federation: Help, protect the Russian animals (against the hunters lobby, and other abusers) German, English and Russian language
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