Monday, August 21, 2017

Petitions and More, August 21  Retweets needed!  'Culture' is Not an excuse for Cruelty! Help stop this barbaric practice & Cosponsor HRes401 ! France. Needs 100,000 sign. to have any "weight" towards the French government! Once again.   Demand the VA end it's painful wasteful dog labs!  End the agricultural industry's monopoly! To confirm Russia. Solve the problem with homeless animals in a legal way Italy. Sicily. Dismantle the Patti non-public killing dogpound and create a suitable structure! Brazil. Municipality of Caieiras SP: public measures for the street animals Italy. Re-open the vet's clinic of Canosa of Puglia! The Canile Sanità would lead to a drastic decrease in stray animals (neuter and spay program) ! Brazil. There are over 633 endangered animals in Brazil, hunted to extinction! We demand 15 years of imprisonment for hunters of extinct animals in Brazil, and the urgent creation of  Sanctuaries! Brazil. Create shelters for the homeless and their pets Rep. Belarus. Stop the death camps for abandoned dogs and cats, create shelters in which they can be vaccinated, sterilized, and live in suitable conditions, prior to adoption ! Russia. Demanding to include in the school curriculum the theme of education in a humane attitude towards animals!  Air France and Air Madagascar: search for the traveling dogs and cats who were lost during unloading! Turkey. Karaman. For a ban on horse carriages, provide horse shelters for horse riding instead Italy, No Third Highway A13 Padua - Monselice! Less cement/asphalt, more space for life/nature Spain. Eable us to use a small space at the sea for the rehabilitation of disabled dogs at Puerto del Rosario, Island of Fuerteventura, Canaries
             ========   News and more   ========  Mr. Dong, of the biggest slaughterhouse in Changchun Slaughterhouse 81, is finally convinced to shutdown his slaughterhouse after endless persuasions by the Buddhist rescuers. Today will be their last business operation day. All regular rescuers including Wang Yan are at the site now. To make sure that no dog is left behind please contribute and share this post far and wide. Wang Yan's direct paypal (indicate "Shutdown Rescue") :  or  !

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