Thursday, August 10, 2017

Petitions and More, August 10 If not signed yet. IDT Biologika, stop profiting from pregnant horse torture for the mass production of PMSG for the pharma industry! Protest! Countless 'farm animals' can not be saved by committed animal protectionists, since the owners disagree with the sale and prefer to have them killed! Confirm please  The Commission on the Conservation of the Antarctic Oceanic Livestock (CCAMLR) might decide in October 2017 on important new protected areas. Norway, China and Russia still need to be persuaded! To confirm If not signed yet. No New Offshore Oil Drilling in America's Arctic! Almost 500,000! President Magufuli, secure the protection of Selous from industrial scale threats such as wildlife crime and other harmful actions as a positive legacy of your leadership for Tanzanians and the world! Netherlands. Stop destroying millions of chickens! ZIP=5 digits.  1) Protect drinking water 2) Protect the Arctic Ocean from drilling The Government is working with oil companies against the interests of people and the planet  Argentina. Mayor of the city of Neuquén: the urgent transfer of the Luán Wildlife Refuge animals, Colonia Valentina-Neuquén Province, to sanctuaries and reservations is requested! Spain. We call for a ban on 'popular' events like the cruel Bous a la Mar (bulls into the sea), the cildades of Javea, Denia and Benicarló! Brazil. Approve the Complementary Law 01626/2017 which prohibits the marketing, handling, burning, loosening or any other form of use of fireworks and pyrotechnic artifacts in the Municipality of Florianópolis Save the Last Mexican Gray Wolves from Extinction! Justice for Betty the Dog, Shot by Security Officers! Put an End to Uncontrolled Land Clearings! Tell Trump to Keep our Oceans and Coastal Communities Clear of New Offshore Drilling
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