Friday, August 11, 2017

Petitions and More, August 11  ZIP=5 digits. Bears, wolves, wolverines and coyotes living within America’s National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska need your help…again! Help prevent a return of completely unethical and barbaric hunting practices in our National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska, including 20 million acres of designated Wilderness! US-info. Support the Limiting Inhumane Federal Trapping (LIFT) Act (H.R. 1727)! US. Please call Governor Brown at 503-378-4582 and ask her to ensure a better Wolf Plan for Oregon! (Incl. sample script) US. Where does your member of Congress stand on protecting wild horses? Retweets: Please cosponsors #HRes401  Global Ban on #DogCatMeatTrade ! UK's Repeal Bill, which moves all European law into UK law, left out the recognition of animals as sentient beings, and the requirement for governments to pay “full regard” to their welfare! US. Make a call! VA's top animal testing official just outrageously claimed on TV that puppies who've been subjected to painful, surgically-induced heart attacks "enjoy" being forced to run on treadmills to stress their damaged hearts! Please urge the government of Namibia to reverse its decision to export elephants to the United Arab Emirates US-info. Support Congressman Huffmans draft bill that would help protect 326,000 acres of federal public lands as “wilderness” by expanding nine existing wilderness areas and establishing ten new ones! Germany. #EndPigPain - Ends the suffering of the pigs. More sign. please. To confirm Needs 15,000 sign. Austria, Vienna. With the application to UNESCO, the fiaker horse riding industry is trying to avoid our 6-point program to improve the livelihoods and working conditions of the used horses! NSW-info: Write to your MP and demand a ban on jumps racing  ZIP=5 digits. USDA, update MyPlate by ditching the dairy group and swapping the protein portion for legumes  Once more. Urge the Trump Administration to Safeguard U.S. Arctic Waters From More Oil and Gas Leasing! Brazil. Increase penalties for crimes of ill-treatment and abandonment of animals! Turkey. Stop the atrocities in Giresun Municipal Animal Shelter/dogpound!  Turkey.  Çankaya Dogpound vet's are causing the death of animals due to professional incompetence, acting contrary to the 5199 Animal Protection Act: remove  them from the Veterinary Emre Cinar task! Argentina. Protest! Deputy for Salta Alfredo Olmedo presented a project to Regulate Greyhound Dog Racing; only the exploiters will profit! Spain. Equal rights for animals under the Spanish Civil Code, animals are Not things but sentient beings!  Apply once and for all the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union which, in Article 13, recognizes animals as sentient beings, that is, living beings endowed with sensibility! Egypt. We urge you to implement and support a better animal welfare practice, make owners and keepers responsible for ensuring that the welfare needs of their animals in the area of the Three Pyramids of Giza Plateau and its surroundings are met and create higher penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty towards used horses and camels! Argentina. Carry out the animal protection law and relocate the stray dogs dumped at Route 51 Spain. Madrid.  Where are the kittens collected by municipal workers of the Town Hall of Villa del Prado on 7-31-2017 ? Turkey. We do not want Bullfighting, wrestling, in Bodrum  Prohibit the commercial sale of animals through Facebook,  a cruel business that encourages forced reproduction, feeds the pockets of the unscrupulous, and discourages responsible adoption of abandoned animals Hogs Back Brewery has chosen to assist and support the Surrey Union, Crawley and Horsham Foxhunts In their public fundraising events Ecuador. Protection and restoration of the Marine Beach on San Cristobal Island – Galapagos Protest. The Argentine government intends to incorporate investments into the country, to install a Nuclear Plant in Sierra Grande - Chubut, financed with Chinese capital, what will be the environmental impact f.e. on the Austral France Whales? Protect Racehorses from Drugging and Abuse Dolphins Don’t Belong in the Desert: Ban Dolphin Captivity in Las Vegas  Save our ESA and our wildlife! Stop appointment of Trump Nominee Susan Combs for U.S. Dept of Interior  Stop New Oil Drilling In The Arctic! Trudeau: Don't expropriate reserve lands
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