Monday, August 28, 2017

Petitions and More, August 28  Needs 100,000 sign. Animal Rights calls on both the Flemish and Dutch authorities to make more money available for research on alternatives. It is high time to replace animal tests with modern animal-proof-free techniques! Click both boxes Needs 50,000 sign. Save the last Mexican Gray Wolves from extinction!  If not signed yet. With my signature I demand from the Austrian and the German government a statutory anchoring of an absolute prohibition of unstunned (halal) slaughter!  Irish Government, it is now time to replace live hare coursing with drag coursing! Tell JPMorgan Chase to Defund Tar Sands Pipelines!
Completely unexpected for all organizations, the killing of dogs was announced to make room for more 'street' dogs in the municipal Unirea Animal Dogpound! Several organizations from Germany, Romania and Norway have invested vast amounts of donations, energy, labor and time these last few years to support a city committed to animal welfare....Protest please! Russia. Chebarkul. Justice for the dog bashed to death by 2 ‘men’ in the village of Verkhniye Karasi! France. Act now, justice for the abandoned American Staffordshire Terrier, tied up, starved to death ! Italy. Object to the planning of a new mega intensive farming project in the area of ​​Finale Emilia e Bondeno ! Spain. Intentionally causing Forest Fires is an act of Terrorism Italy. More than 117,579 hectares were destroyed by fire, over 40 million wildlife animals  have already lost their lives, please intervene promptly by suspending the 2017/2018 hunting season! Turkey. New protest against the sadist posting animal cruelty online (have this kitten treated...) Protest! Brazil. Pres. Temer extinguishes the reserve in the Amazon to expand mineral exploration! Brazil. Save the deer of Pampa Sáfari from being killed, no proof is given for tuberculosis! Turkey. Protest against the intentional fire setting in Ayvalık Islands Nature Park, destroying 20 hectares Germany. Stop the bee killing, we need a different kind of agriculture! Lidl, take the products for vegans permanently up in your assortment Needs more attention! Stop the Use of Cyanide Land Mines that Kill Wildlife! As well. Save the Last Mexican Gray Wolves from Extinction
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