Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Petitions and More, August 30 Tweetsheet. After each tweet, click right on the upper arrow to the left and choose the sheet again Please send an email on behalf of the Wolves of Washington State REACH is the largest animal testing program in the world. Act and call for the European Commission to end animal experiments and take further action to promote animal-free methods for REACH! US-info. Don't gut Superfund cleanup programs, no to funding cuts in HR3354 Update.  Dr. Pyo Changwon states: “Dog meat consumption is illegal. We must take steps to ban dog meat before the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics” Spain. Protect the Wolves, stop killing them,  no to the population control protocol! Argentina. Buenos Aires. Immediately close the dreadful Hogar de Lourdes animal pound for it's atrocious treatment of cats Mexico. Please appoint Lic. Jose Luis Carranza as director of the Animal Care Agency of the CDMX, promoter of animal adoption and especially committed to the animal cause Turkey.  Request to increase the number of free animal hospitals in Ankara and the number of vehicles serving for emergencies Russia.  Close this dogpound in Mytishchi, Chelobitevo where hundreds of animals are kept in horrible conditions, no roof and floor, unsanitary conditions, enterocolitis, enteritis, and incomprehensible animal deaths, including poisoning, while ‘management ‘ is paid for the care! Spain. Prohibit the use of palm oil in daily food products Spain.  Endorse this proposal to describe deliberate fires as acts of terrorism, to persecute those responsible until their capture and to judge them as terrorists
        =======   News and more   ======== Animal Victims of Hurricane Harvey: Rescued and Safe! More Help is Needed!

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