Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Please Co-sponsor the Global House Resolution 401, condemn the horrific dog and cat meat trade!

 8/14/17 Republican Highest HSLF List #103 - #122  Change the letter somewhat /use your own words and put the emailaddresses in Bcc please!
Subject: Please Co-sponsor the Global House Resolution 401
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Dear Representative, Sir, Madam, To whom it concerns:
I politely ask you to please Co-sponsor the Global House Resolution 401:
It's urging China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, India, and all nations to outlaw the barbaric dog and cat meat trade and to enforce existing laws against this cruel horrific trade!
The premeditated and deliberate torture being inflicted onto dogs and cats and the barbaric, cruel and inhumane treatment of these often stolen pets has to be condemned!
It was estimated in 2014 that as many as 25 million dogs and cats were tortured, slaughtered and consumed globally!
Many of those countries do not have animal welfare laws, and the dogs and cats suffer in silence. These sentient beings are intentionally tortured alive before slaughter in the misguided belief that the adrenaline released will make the meat more tender, more palatable, provide health benefits, help with virility etc. ! This is outrageous!
The dogs are bludgeoned, boiled alive, blow-torched, burned alive, tied up, legs or paws cut of alive, skinned alive, electrocuted, hung and beaten, and thrown into boiling water pots. The dogs are also roped to cars or motorcycles and publicly dragged to make the meat more tender before slaughter.
In his undercover work, Marc Ching of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation had documented the torture footage from all over Asia.
Please view the footage (warning, graphic):
I am asking for mercy and your compassion to help us end the horrific Dog and Cat Meat Trade, to give a Voice to these helpless dogs and cats. Millions are being tortured, slaughtered and dying as I write this to you.
Your HSLF score card is commendable, and I thank you for your support for the welfare of all animals.
Please send your H.Res.401 co-sponsorship to Congressman Alcee Hastings as soon as possible.
I am kindly asking for a prompt reply. Thank you.



  1. I'm on a very limited income but what else can I do to help lobby against this awful, cruel act towards these poor helpless animals? my e-mail is
    Please let me know.
    thank you,
    vivian suzuki

    1. Just join it doesn't cost anything.....

  2. this is public, Vivian, you might want to delete your personal email!