Thursday, March 1, 2018

Petitions and More, March 1 Urgent, Tell Congress: Don't Allow Mustang Killing in 2018 Spending Legislation!  Good news: We're up to 208 co-sponsors of the SAFE Act to ban horse slaughter, with 29 in the Senate. Send a message to your members of Congress today urging them to support this important bipartisan legislation!  Having no voice, animals need and deserve protection from the industries that use and exploit them, and it’s the job of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to protect their welfare!  A voice for Galgo’s! We demand a uniform animal protection law for Europe! ----------  Read, important, objective/goal:  Marc Ching needs 260 HR1406 Cosponsors by end of March 2018 to convince Kevin McCarthy to move HR1406 to the Floor!  He needs our help, please take action!  Wednesday  2/28/18 #HouseBill1406 Daily call to action --> Reps #35 - #36  Wednesday  2/28/18  #HRes401 Daily action  -> Reps #35 - #36 ----------- Stop the terrible and unnecessary animal suffering in the Oostvaardersplassen, the Netherlands, ‘wildlife’ not being allowed to be fed or watered! To confirm  Trump: this budget spells disaster for Africa's wildlife! Needs 50,000 sign. Iditarod Sponsors Ignoring Pictures of Dying Puppies Bear Still Struggling to Walk More Than Two Years Later Write to Racing Australia CEO Barry O’Farrell here if you’d like to put your support behind this initiative. Demand that all racehorses deserve to be rehabilitated and rehomed instead of getting a bullet to the head! Netherlands. Stop Dutch support for worldwide animal suffering! Stand tall against clearcutting old-growth forest! The EU wants to use the forests even more for the production of wood as fuel, to the detriment of nature! Stop the bioenergy policy of the EU! For a total ban of all neonicotinoid pesticides killer bees in Europe! Petitions for animals, if not  signed yet Help Create Marine Protected Areas in Brazil. Brazilian conservationists are calling for international support for the creation of Marine Protected Areas Urge Total and BP to cancel their plans for petroleum exploration at the mouth of the Amazon! Needs more sign. US-info. Minnesota DNR: I oppose the dangerous draft PolyMet permit to mine US-info. Stop HB 135; Noel's Wasatch Water Heist Update. S. Korea. Arrest warrant for owner of pet shop in Cheonan where 79 dogs were found dead! Russia. Stop the brutal mass killing of animals in the Lipetsk region! (With an Russian version)! Update. Send your automatic Tweet to Evo Morales, Bolivia, and those directly responsible for the killing of abandoned dogs  ------ Close the mobile dolphinaria in Russia Panama: formal request that the existing law be strictly respected to protect and conserve Coiba National Park in its current natural and pristine state Sign and Help End the Cruel Wildlife Selfie Trade Demand strong environmental laws and save the largetooth sawfish
                       =========   News and more    =========  China, don’t forget to vote every 24 hours! Second page, 3rd, now 1184407 votes France. Is eating meat compatible with saving, protecting, releasing, caring for animals? Click ‘Non’ please (now 66%)


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