Friday, March 16, 2018

Petitions and More, March 16 US-info. Stand with 80 percent of Americans who oppose the mass killing ("euthanasia....") and slaughter of America's wild horses and burros. Urge the Appropriations Committee to maintain the Senate's 2018 Interior Appropriations bill and reject the House version, which would allow the BLM to kill tens of thousands of healthy wild horses and burros!  No new cosponsors since 3/7/18.. we are short 24 cosponsors to get to 260 by end of March. Help..! Thursday 3/15/18  #HR1406 Daily call to actions Targets --> Reps #53 - #54 Thursday 3/15/18  #HRes401   Daily action Target  --> Reps #53 - #54  Improve Canada's Outdated Animal Cruelty Laws!  Use ‘search by map’!  Citizens of Canada call upon the House of Commons to legislate that anyone convicted of an animal abuse felony have their name registered on an Animal Abuse Registry (similar to what sex offenders and child abusers do)  Contact the officials and tell them that they must press charges!  The Preston Police Dept.  Police Chief - Michael Peterson (208) 852-2433;  Preston School District  Superintendent - Mark Gee (208) 852-0283;  Preston Junior High  Principal - Curtis Jenson (208) 852-0751 Closure of the slaughterhouse in Düren Germany due to massive animal cruelty! To confirm (Teilnahme bestätigen) Scroll down, sign now, the pig’s ‘ skyscraper’  in Maasdorf, Germany has to be closed! Please confirm Needs more attention. Create a new independent welfare body to protect racehorses from abuse and death. To confirm Parmesan is ignoring Cows' suffering Needs 30,000 sign. Save Whales & Sea Turtles from the Secret Massacre off our Coast! Stop Trump and Congress’s Sneak Attack on the Environment! US-info. Protect America’s Fishery Conservation Law US-info. Support Protections for Gulf of Mexico's Deep-Sea Corals  US-info. Prevent Salvage Logging in the Klamath National Forest Netherlands. Supermarkets, agree with deposit money for all bottles Mexico. The animals of Mrs. Anaya were illegally and violently abducted on the command of the State of Morelos at the request of Mr. Julio Madrazo Garcia and his wife Patricia Martin. An unlawful confiscation, and attacking the human rights and dignity of a single woman who cared for and protected those animals with her own resources without asking or receiving help from anyone!  Return her animals before they die of diseases! Russia. Demanding to take measures aimed at combating the dogmurderers, spreading poison, food stuffed with needles and nails, using prohibited substances as poisonous agents. And also to enter the sale of isonizide only on recipes! Brazil. Requesting the construction of a Public Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Natal RN with a 24-hour care to relieve suffering of animals that need veterinary medical assistance in our city! Rio de Janeiro. Save the loving adoption campaign for the animals; in less than a year, around 400 animals were saved by this project! Italy. The degree of protection of the Wolf has to be maintained, increased to the highest level! No to hunting Wolves, no to giving in to hunters, ranchers and farmers! C. Real City Council, we demand that the anti-bird network be removed from the building of Pza. Cervantes 6! Turkey. Istanbul Fatih Institute. Remove the pointed wire fences, prevent animal injuries, try an alternative! The Calgary Zoo put Kali the wolf down because they wanted younger wolves. It's time Calgary officials shut this zoo down Another 747 full of horses (approximately 90 horses) was sent to Japan to their deaths last night from the Edmonton International Airport Don't let government succumb to the intense lobbying from oil and gas companies at your expense
                     ========   News and more    ========  Reminder, China, for Animal Welfare, 2nd page, nr. 3, now 1188985 votes Reminder. Netherlands. Please check ‘oneens’ No to killing Foxes , they are not the problem! S. Korea. Vet caught handing off stray dogs for dog meat


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