Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Petitions and More, March 7  C.T.A. Group  #8 (*GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy + 5 Reps #37-41) 6 Emails (and calls) March 6, 2018 please share, H.Res401 now stalled! Kevin McCarthy, as a GOP Leader, please move HRes401 to the floor for a vote! His aides,,
For the others: ask McCarthy to bring HRes to the floor for a vote asap!  ---------- Many retweets to End DCMT, the Dog and Cat meat trade! Public · Hosted by Worldwide Ambassadors Ending Dog/Cat Cruelty  Important actions for animals and wildlife Comment please, sample provided, but use your own words. Anybody can participate End Cruel Jallikattu Events in Tamil Nadu France. Animals are not perverted! We are shocked by your 3 posters against sexual harassment: where you replaced evil-minded humans with Wolves, a Bear and a Shark! To confirm US-info. It’s time to modernize Oregon's weak logging laws! Boycott of Chinese products as long as the Yulin ‘Festival’ continues Indonesia.In connection with the massacre of a protected Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) in Batang Natal, March 4, 2018, evacuation, relocation was obstructed by officials! Stop trying to legalize the actions of people who violate the law! Papua Gov. : preserve the Birds of Paradise in Papua, this trade in protected wildlife is a crime! Has to be reported first to (before having it removed) Mexico. Still begging for the creation of a new Animal Control Unit for the municipality of Queretaro to combat abandonment, abuse and starvation of animals Mexico. Tijuana. Asking the authorities for a location to construct an animal shelter to help out the rescuers Mexico. Tamaulipas. An end to animal abuse, respect animal rights Germany. The Malinois male "Finn vom Hause Ritter" bred by us has disappeared without trace from the animal home BMT Bergheim. The shelter refuses any statement, so we fear the worst! Colombia. Implement public policies (under the animal welfare act) for (keeping and walking) dogs/animals in Manizales The Santa Cruz River in Patagonia Argentina is going to be used for the construction of two mega dams which environmental impact has not been well studied, we have to protect the affected fauna and flora! Spain. No more fires, let us ask the Xunta de Galicia, once and for all, to initiate a Plan of Reforestation, maintenance and social education needed for the survival of our native species
Thepetitionsite  If not signed/shared yet, please do. From Amy: I have gone to Washington DC with an amazing group of people this past October to lobby Congress to support HRes401 and HR1406 to end the Dog and Cat Meat Trade globally. Though we received many Congressional cosponsors (supporters) of this legislation, there are still many more needed for each to pass. Since we know how it all goes down within these offices, we have a campaign to take with us for our next trip in April 2018. These petitions below. All these petitions are to the rest of Congress members who have Not cosponsored and asks them to please do so.
They will each be Hand Delivered to every Representative in DC. Please will you help by signing them all? They need many more signatures!  ---- This Poor Horse Was Wrapped in Barbed Wire - Charge Energy Transfer Partners with Animal Cruelty
                     =========   News and more   ========= Update on the 154 dog rescue. Yesterday we raised another $600 for the 154 dogs rescue , the negative balance left is $2235 by Thursday. Any contribution is greatly appreciated to save these dogs from being returned to their butchers! Now PayPal option as well  For creditcards:  ----- Reminder. 2nd page, 3rd, animal welfare China, now 1185372 votes The Albuquerque City Council voted unanimously in support of a resolution condemning coyote killing contests and calling on the New Mexico legislature to pass legislation banning the practice!


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