Friday, March 2, 2018

Petitions and More, March 2 HRes401 Has Stalled! Will you help take action? From Nom Aly: Daily call to action! Thursday 3/1/18  HR401  -> Reps #37 - #38 The clock is ticking! Goal: Marc Ching needs 260 HR1406 Cosponsors by end of March 2018 to convince Kevin McCarthy to move HR1406 to the Floor. He needs our help! Please take acion as much as possible! We are just short by 25 cosponsors!   From Nom Aly: Daily call to action: Thursday 3/1/18  #HouseBill1406  --> Reps #37 - #38 -------- Urge Polar Bears International to Cut Ties With Canada Goose! Dolce and Gabbana Sells Fur from Tortured Rabbits The managers of a zoo in Venezuela kill the weakest animals to feed the largest animals!  02/03/2018: Dear signatories,  the petition reaching nearly 60,000 signatures in 48H00, I decided to send it (registered with A / R) to the prosecutor on February 27, 2018, accompanied by a motivated letter and some of your comments. On your side, I will ask you to send the link of the petition with title of mail: Justice Exemplary for Nikita! to   -------- International Olympic Committee: No rainforest destruction for Tokyo 2020 Olympics If you did not post your comment yet.  Post Comments on the Federal Register — Tell the USDA they must protect animals in labs! US-info. It’s time to blow the whistle on Sec. Zinke by demanding that the OIG investigate his misconduct! Germany. We demand to stop the massive tree felling in the nature reserve Rot- and Schwarzwildpark! To confirm Germany. Change the Animal welfare regulation for Dogs, no dog pound attitude, no tethering! To confirm Russia. Bring these kitten torturers, students of Krasnoyarsk College of Radio Electronics and Information Technology to justice! Argentina. Tucuman. Allow animal friends entry to check upon the situation of the captured dogs in the dogpound, Cenara Georgia. Europe. Protest! (Scroll down for English text ) The Gov. of Georgia is planning to build a road linking the high mountainous regions of Eastern Georgia; the new road will cross untouched mountains, forests, passes and alpine meadows, damaging pristine landscapes, ecosystems and the natural habitats of numerous endemic, relic and endangered species, and it will also increase natural disasters such as landslides, raging mountain torrents and fire to alarming levels! Spain. Protest against the destruction of the forested area for livestock trails, region Madrid Mexico. Demanding recognition of protected natural areas for Morelos! No to building, housing, allow the recovery of the areas affected by the fires ! Costa Rica. Irresponsible mining in the Páramo territories is catastrophic because it destroys the ecosystem Spain. Spain. Hiring unemployed people to clean and care for the hills/forests will avoid fires Spain. Andalusia. Demanding reforestation in Doñana, as a protected natural space, it had countless different species of flora and fauna, it was considered the largest ecological reserve in Europe before the catastrophic arson that burned 8,486 hectares down! EU. Germany. No more excuses - ban the use of bee killers from the field now!
             ========   News and more   ========= Vote for Willow, a survivor of the S. Korean dog meat trade. His owners turned him into the slaughterhouse because he was old!  Sea Shepherd Global Newsletter March 1, 2018


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