Saturday, March 31, 2018

Petitions and More, March 31 1) Russia: Stop Poisoning Stray Dogs and Cats for Soccer! 2) Canada: End Your Domestic Ivory Trade Now! The Canadian Sealers Association wants to lift a freeze on commercial sealing licenses so they can recruit and train a whole new generation of baby seal killers! Canadian government, reject this absurd proposal and put a final end to the baby seal slaughter! Friday 3/30/18  #HRes401  Daily action targets  Reps ---> #83 - #84 Friday 3/30/18  #HR1406  Daily action  Targets --> Reps #75 - #76
Tell Congress: Horses Don't Belong in Double-Deck Trailers Elephants Beaten With Bullhooks for 'Benefit' Polo Match France. For a firm prison sentence for this abuser of Attila, tortured and thrown out of the window,  in Neuilly-sur-Marne! The Indiana DNR is planning widespread extermination of Indiana wildlife, thousands of raccoons, opossums, and coyotes will be killed in the Fall of 2018 reportedly by gassing them in groups under the guise of euthanasia! Russia.  Open a shelter for homeless animals at the expense of budgetary funds (instead of killing!) in the territory of the city of Kasimov and implement a program to establish special veterinary points for free sterilization and vaccination against rabies of stray animals! Russia. Protect animals in contact zoos and pet stores in the shopping center  Russia. Prohibit contact zoos in Shopping Centers and in crowded places Demand that the Daily Mail publishes a two page article to highlight, with graphic images, the horrors of fur farming Stop the President's Budget from Damaging Your National Parks Sign to Create Change for Australian Chickens No pesticides on Maryland medical cannabis
               ========   News and more    ========   Vote for nr. 1 please! China. NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals. Every 24 hours. Now 23956  votes  Reminder, every 24 hrs. as well: China, for Animal welfare, second page, nr. 3, now 1192156  votes


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