Monday, March 12, 2018

Petitions and More, March 12 US-info. I object to third-party AWA inspections!   ---- Saturday  3/10/18  #HR1406 Daily action Target  --> Reps #43 - #44 Saturday 3/10/18  #HRes401  Daily action Target --> Reps #43 - #44 Sunday 3/11/18  #HR1406  Daily actions  Targets --> Reps #45 - #46 Sunday 3/11/18  #HRes401 Daily actions Target --> Reps #45 - #46 ------ If not signed yet The Netherlands. Do something against shooting cats (with air guns, sales control is needed!) To confirm Need 50,000 sign. EU Commission, Stop the animal transports over long distances!  Please protect Australian Sea Lions from gillnets in WA Media worldwide report on the cat and dog meat trade in Asia. Only Germany reports little or nothing about it. Ask Stern, Focus and Spiegel to report about it ! Russia. Allow cats to live in basements, stop torturing animals and people! Prohibit bullfighting in Mexico, these shows are degrading, showing barbarism, it is not art nor culture, it is outrageous torture! Brazil. True justice for dozens of dead puppies found in the city of Igaracy, in the Sertão do Estado da Paraíba Mexico. Do not allow animal abuse in Mazatlan by tourist carriages pulled by horses in the city center Congress, let's reduce the animal population in the streets of Colombia by neutering and a welfare program Sanctions for the eco tourist Hotel Colombian Amazonas where the escaped Jaguar was killed with a machete and shot with a gun! Turkey. We demand the establishment of an appropriate Rehabilitation Center, which can respond to all existing abandoned animals in Erzurum Italy. Roma Capitale must set an example and really protect the welfare of stray animals! France. Change the 'living' conditions of the ponies at the Center Equestre Pastré in Marseille! Russia. Prohibit mobile dolphinariums in the city of Cheboksary Criminal punishment for Manuel Alcocer for kicking a racing dog for no reason For a law on the Protection of the Environment of Brazil, in view of the constant large-scale Environmental Crimes that have been occurring in areas of several Brazilian mines, destroying ecosystems, endangering species of fauna and flora, and the health of people living in the vicinity of these companies. No more impunity
Thepetitionsite These need more sign.! HRes.401 and HR1406  Maryland  As well, HRes401 and HR1406, Puerto Rico, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, Tennessee, Texas
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