Saturday, March 3, 2018

Petitions and More, March 3 US-info. Tell Congress: Support PUPPERS Act to defund V.A. dog experiments! U.S. Department of the Interior, Uphold Trophy Import Bans!  Going to strengthen HRes401 with Cosponsors and also asking Reps to help Push  HRes401 to the Floor. Will you help take action? Friday 3/2/18 #HRes401 --> Reps #39 - #40 Marc Ching needs 260 HR1406 Cosponsors by end of March 2018 to convince Kevin McCarthy to move HR1406 to the Floor. We are just short by 25 cosponsors! Please help! Daily call to action: Friday  3/1/18 #HouseBill1406  --> Reps #39 - #40   ----------  1) keep Tormented Dog From Going Back to His Abuser! 2) Oppose Ohio's Cruel & Lethal Proposal for Bobcats!  Once more. Ban the sale of animal fur in the UK  Germany. Halle.  St. Elisabeth and St. Barbara Hospital: do not carry out thoracoscopy courses with live pigs but use animal-free alternative methods! Tell Pendleton the Time to Ditch Fur Is Now! Urge Polar Bears International to Cut Ties With Canada Goose Why Are These Companies Sponsoring a Death Race?  Donkeys' Heads Are Bashed In for This Cruel Item—Take Action!  Germany. Needs more sign. No to a new animal testing laboratory at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)! US-info. Tell Congress: Replace NAFTA with a trade deal that protects the environment and workers No president has ever attempted to revoke protections for a marine national monument – We can’t sit back and let President Trump start now! Russia. Punish the policeman and his accomplices from YaNAO for sadism! They beat up a tied dog to death!  Everything they did was shot on video Spain. Region Madrid. Villa del Prado. Prison sentences for those who abused, starved 55 dogs to death! Spain. Andalucia. We can not allow this massive harassment towards all living beings! Italy. Sicily. We ask the Mayor of Carlentini to ensure compliance with national, regional, provincial and municipal regulations regarding stray dogs Italy. The municipality of Reggio Calabria has decided to deport their dogs, signing an agreement with the kennel of Cisternazza in the province of Catania, showing the total lack of interest in the fate of animals, subjected to trauma, deprived of the possibility of adoption and considered as uncomfortable objects transportable from one region to another! Albania. We, the undersigned, appeal to the mayor of Lezha, Fran Frrokaj and the state police: anybody responsible for such macabre acts to dogs should be arrested and prosecuted under the law! Italy. Volunteers from southern Italy, always in emergency. What do the municipalities do? France. Punishment for abuse and abandonment of animals Russia.  Establish a complete ban on onyectomy - an operation to remove claws in a cat! The issues concerning the precious environmental heritage and local fauna should be studied in Desenzano del Garda, waterfowl (ducks, swans, etc.) are hungry because of destruction of their environment! Save the last shepherds of Germany - traditional profession, and save the sheep! Mexico. No to the felling of trees in  San Luis Potosí, protect fauna and flora! No to the construction of a "village" in the natural space "La Coladilla" in Nerja, protect wildlife! France. Save the Round Table Island - Rhône (69), the largest alluvial forest in one piece in south-eastern France; save it's fauna and flora!  Needs many more signatures. Canada Goose: stop using real fur and become a Fur Free Retailer! Stop innocent greyhounds from being electrocuted for racing! Barbra Streisand Should Have Rescued a Dog, Not Cloned Her Old One
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