Thursday, March 29, 2018

Petitions and More, March 29  Wednesday 3/28/18  #HRes401  Daily action  Targets --> Reps #79 - #80  Wednesday 3/28/18   #HR1406   Daily action, Targets  --> Reps #71 - #72 Prisoners of Waste, VA Adopt Out the Survivors  US-info. More attention please: It's Time to End Horse Slaughter, For Good! Adidas, sponsor of the World Cup, prevent Russia from exterminating stray dogs!  It is unacceptable that Adidas associates its image with the massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent animals! To confirm Télévie, stop supporting unnecessary animal testing and misleading the public! Tell the USFWS to release more Lobos A massive wound to the heart of the Amazon! (Candadian mining) Speak Out: Hens Will Suffer and Die if Plans for This Norfolk Egg Farm Go Ahead Italy. (Cap=5 digits) For the reduction of the VAT rate on veterinary services and food!  Tell JPMorgan Chase we will not stand for their destructive banking practices. Defund Tar Sands and Coal now  Câmara Municipal de Cravinhos: we need municipal laws to prohibit the traffic with working horses and mules in busy urban area’s, they belong in rural area's only Turkey.  Kırıkkale Municipality, serve in the most appropriate way and sign a protocol with the Kırıkkale University Veterinary Faculty in this context and carry out  treatments of the stray animals ! Ban the glue traps, do not disregard animals and public health! The use of poisons causes a slow and painful death not only to rodents, but also to various animals, such as dogs and cats that ingest them by accident !
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Help save these dogs from being butchered! Emergency dog rescue 3/28/18: 32 dogs next in line to be butchered, please help,16500 Yuan needed ($2650) to buy them free in 2 days!  Plush Bears shelter  Vote for nr. 1 please! China. NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals. Every 24 hours. Now 17150 votes Reminder, every 24 hrs. as well: China, for Animal welfare, second page, nr. 3, now 1192134 votes  Romania, will be updated

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