Saturday, March 17, 2018

Petitions and More, March 17 US-info. Once more. Tell our U.S. Senators and Representatives that wolves need federal protection Minnesota-info. Ban the Snare and Repeal the Wolf Hunt!  Take part in the China action, email, letter to send.
Subject, and a few video links to add for mr. Smiley and the other Chinese officials:  停止虐待和酷刑; 停止销售狗肉 (Stop abuse and torture; stop selling dog meat!) Or:  中國,2018年3月 (China, March 2018) Friday 3/16/18  #HRes401  Daily action   Targets--> Reps #55 - #56 Friday  3/16/18  #HR1406  Daily actions, targets  > Reps #55 - #56  ------ Cattle grazing where now rainforest grows? An agreement with the Mercosur states in South America would bring more cheap beef to the European market. Forests and savannas would be destroyed for larger pastures. Just so that the EU sells more cars. Please request: No free trade with Mercosur! More sign. please. Stop the animal cruelty of hobby hunters in Switzerland!  1) Stop the Barbaric Crow Shoot in Vermont 2) Reverse Trump's Death Sentence for Elephants The Priceline Group Supports Elephant Abuse UK government - no oil drilling in our national parks Spain. Seville.  5 Animals killed already, let's stop this barbarism, let's not allow him to continue killing his animals! Russia. Justice for this tied up stray dog killed in the Maria-Ra store in Heroes of the Revolution, 47 in the Pervomaisky district of Novosibirsk, mutilated by an employee!  New cases of horse abuse, in the Jalhay region, in the province of Luxembourg. About twenty horses are concerned! France. Without 'Aid's contracts' many more animals will be euthanized and abandoned! Spain. Marbella. Follow the same procedure until now with abandoned animals and annul the contract with Paraiso; the budget for the dog pound should be destined to animal rescuers who for years have been fighting for zero killing management and care of these animals! Turkey. The cat, caught and used on instructions of the professor of Radiology department of the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of İ.Ü, is culled by putting it in a tightly closed box;  this massacre must be stopped!  Mexico. Requesting municipal or state authorities to provide us with a space to house all the dogs on the street and also a monthly fee to cover expenses such as food and medical care for each dog, this project should include young people .... France. Protest. We can not count on the support of the State services to support us in our efforts and breeders can continue their business and sell sick animals! Spain. Cuevas del Almanzora. City council, take care of the animals in the park of Luis Sirret!  Concerns about the translocation of whale sharks to locations that are not their natural habitat; the proper treatment of whale sharks is by allowing them to stay in their natural habitat France. No to the wildlife trade, no to the big sale of wildlife! Spain. Estivella. Oppose the eviction per March 31 of the Italian Association Bryan's Levrieri Rescue, committed for years in saving and finding adoptions for Spanish greyhounds - galgos and podencos - killed by the thousands every year at the end of the hunting season! Please post a message as well on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Estivella:   ------- Tell the Department of Justice: Have a HEART on Animal Fighting Peace for Porter, Dog Shot and Killed by BB Gun! Matthew Morrison's New Movie Abused Dog on Set! Whole Foods – Tell Tyson to Clean Up Meat Don't Let Congress Dismantle the Endangered Species Act Crippling Conservation Cuts Threaten Birds (and other wildlife...) Stop Industries from Getting a Free Pass to Kill Birds Stop the Assault on our Public Lands
                  ========    News and more   =========  Reminder, China, for Animal Welfare, 2nd page, nr. 3, now 1189498 votes
Reminder. Netherlands. Please check ‘oneens’ and Stem=vote!  No to killing Foxes, they are not the problem!  Law and Education Serving Animals


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