Saturday, March 10, 2018

Petitions and More, March 10 Friday 3/9/18  #HR1406  Daily call to action Target  --> Reps #41 - #42  Friday 3/9/18  #HRes401 Daily call to action  Target ---> Reps #41 - #42 Retweets. These dogs are depending on you. (Warning - parts of the video tweets are graphic) #HRes401 Target —> FULL Foreign Affairs Committee, to help urge Kevin McCarthy to Call HRes401 onto the House Floor
( Join please. March 16: Global Email Blitz to President Xi Jinping, China) 1) Justice for Racing Horse Left to Be Consumed Alive by Maggots! 2) Japan: Stop Trading Ivory! Urgent. Please call or email USFWS, using the template letter below, and join ADI in opposing efforts to promote and expand international trophy hunting! Monkeys Denied Water in Ridiculous Experiment That You Paid For! Tell Pendleton the Time to Ditch Fur Is Now! This Elephant was Starved to Death — Demand Justice for Laxmi! Belgium. Write to Rudi Vervoort, for a ban on unstunned slaughter in Brussels, send an automated protest mail France. An end to the Puppy's living room show in St Raphaël. To confirm Mexico. Demanding that the 710 hectares of Benito Juárez airport be assigned to a sanctuary for zoo animals US-info. Don't destroy the Tongass National Forest! US-info. Tell Zinke: I stand with the Gwich'in against the sale of sacred Arctic lands! Tell the USDA and FDA to regulate all new genetically engineered plants and animals! France. Protesting the closure of the SPA Kourou 973 on June 15, 2018. This refuge is the only one in the department ! Spain. Madrid. Support the proposals for neutering programs for animals Mexico. Support the creation of a  Specialized Department for Animal Welfare to humanely mangae the overpopulation of stray dogs and preserve their lives Actions needed urgently to resolve the conflict of the "Refugio de perros" in the city of Zaachila, Oaxaca, exploited for years. Dogs have multiplied, are sick, mistreated, hungry, crammed, living in hell
Thepetitionsite  HRes 401 and HR 1406, Indiana and Iowa, these all need more signatures! Send 'Baby' the Circus Elephant to Sanctuary!
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