Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Petitions and More, February 28 US-info. Don’t Let Congress Fall for Steve King’s Anti-Animal Agenda!  Once again. Scroll down to sign please Sick of intensive livestock farming, horror images from the Dutch pig industry  H.Res.401Condemning the DCMT Globally is Now Stalled. Immediately after it was marked up and passed through the F.A.C. with 100% support, it has NOT gained more movement. Please urge these members of the F.A.C. (that voted in favor of ending this trade), to contact HOUSE MAJ. LEADER, KEVIN McCARTHY to have him "move H.Res.401 to the Floor for a Vote”!  Tuesday 2/27/18  #HRes401 Daily action -> Reps #33 - #34 Tuesday  2/27/18  #HouseBill1406  Daily actions  --> Reps #33 - #34 ----------- If not signed yet. Against (indirect) European subsidies supporting Bullfighting! To confirm The USDA is considering outsourcing some of its Animal Welfare Act inspections of USDA-regulated facilities to private third parties; this will be harmful for the welfare of animals kept in puppy mills, roadside zoos and research facilities! Comment please (again), sample provided  Ohio, gather signatures! In order to stop puppy mill cruelty in Ohio, we need to collect over 550,000 signatures to get this initiative on the November 2018 ballot! US-info.  Congress: Don’t let Big Ag hide the toxic chemicals factory farms are putting into our air!  To not permit camping of animal circuses in your jurisdiction .... Tell Vermont: Stop Cruel And Inhumane Animal Trapping Monte Hermoso, Argentina, south of the Province of Buenos Aires. Authorities, create an animal wellbeing center in Monte Hermoso, instead of the present death camp for dogs!  Demand that Governor Aureoles comply with the legal agreement for polar bear Yupik Colombia. Construct green viaducts for wildlife, apply public policies, sustainable projects and actions for mitigation of wildlife to prevent wildlife killing caused by the construction of roads, highways! Approve the commission in Cabildo of the municipality of Bahía de Banderas for the protection of wildlife and domestic  animals Stop the hillside plot in El Bolson, Río Negro, No to a Tourist Villa with Golf Course, Polo Field, etc. that will cause a strong environmental impact in an area of ​​native forests and springs of pure water Eduardo Costantini, President of Consultatio SA: Stop destroying forests and polluting water in Puertos del Lago Save their Home: Act Now to Protect Grizzly Bears! Tell Snapchat to Ban Couple Who Ate Adopted Pig! Demand the VA department of game and inland fisheries make a size and bag limit on crappie in Buggs island, Kerr reservoir ... Pet Sitting Site Rover Not Keeping Pets Safe Tell REI to drop Vista outdoor products #draintheNRA
           ========   News and more    ========= 16:29:44: That this House has considered e-petition 200205 relating to ending the export of live farm animals after the UK leaves the European Union....

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