Monday, March 5, 2018

Petitions and More, March 5  C.T.A. GROUP #5 (Reps #22-26)  March 3, 2018  H.Res.401 condemning the dog and cat meat trade globally, is now stalled! Immediately after it was marked up and passed through the F.A.C. with 100% support, it has Not gained any movement. Please urge these members of the F.A.C. (that voted in favor of ending this trade), to contact GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to have him "move H.Res. 401 to the floor for a vote."!!  C.T.A. Group  #6 (Reps #27-31) 5 Emails (and calls) March 4, 2018 C.T.A. Group  #6 (Reps #27-31) 5 Emails (and calls) March 4, 2018 H.Res.401 condemning the Dog and Cat meat trade globally has stalled. Please urge  these members of the F.A.C. to contact GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to have him "move H.Res.401 to the floor for a vote" !
Rep 4 #JohnCurtis Entered Office 11/14  Ask to have it moved up to the floor for a vote Against the killing of stray dogs in Europe! Needs 50,000 sign. We demand a uniform animal protection law for Europe! Needs 25,000 sugn. Stop Yulin - finally finish the dog meat ‘festival’! Needs 500,000 sign. Tell tourism operators to stop exploiting captive lions  US-info. The Air Force is proposing to make the Desert National Wildlife Refuge a bombing range! Save  the EPA, tell Scott Pruitt to resign! US-info.  Congress: Stop Trump from gutting protections from pesticides! Protect the Bay’s fish, wildlife, and diverse communities Russia. Dozens of tenders for catching, destroying and disposing of abandoned animals were conducted during these three months through the website of the State Procurement! We require to stop the mass murder of animals for the World Cup 2018! Update, please help the campaign’s message spread as far as possible by taking the following actions to share the new video! Punishment for the psychopath who killed a cat by putting it in the washing machine, twice! Russia. In the Primorye Territory our bear cubs are illegally sold to the Chinese. In China, bile is extracted from them later True justice for horse Muñeco, a gentle 7 year old horse, stolen by Luis Angel Carmona, tied its legs and cut his throat with two slashes, uploading the video! Russia. Prohibit mass trafficking of animals in the streets/markets of Timiryazeva Irkutsk by law Turkey. Manisa, Governor Aziz Bey Street: they want to poison our quiet friends on the street (while spreading lies) Thailand. Demanding a lawsuit against park hunters and protect wildlife!  (tourist groups hunting, Thung Yai Naresuan forest area, Thungyai Wildlife Sanctuary - Huai Kha Khaeng. Registered with UNESCO!) Russia. Stop the hunting and killing of the Red Book species, including the Caucasian mountain sheep Russia. Stop the "beautification" of the Kosinsky lakes! Protected areas that are under threat of destruction! Uruguay. Region Montevideo. Avoid filling in Laguna de Paso Carrasco, the Laguna del Duque in otder to build houses! No to the destruction of a true ecosystem! Build somewhere else!  Thepetitionsite. These need more sign.! Amy Calendrillo Alexander shared a link to the group: Activists for H.R. 1406 and HRes 401. Have You Signed? Nebraska, Nevada and New Hampshire Also! HRes 401, to condemn the horrific global dog and cat meat trade. Minnesota and Mississippi Demand Protection for the Woodland Caribou
                  =========   News and more   ======== American Wild Horse Campaign: 2018 Priorities Survey: We Want To Hear From You  (PZP as well?) Update. Help Save Santu - Olympic team member rescues dog from South Korea


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