Monday, March 26, 2018

Petitions and More, March 26

Greece. Mr. Tsironis is preparing to propose a devastating bill for stray animals, which will in fact be the tombstone for any form of animal welfare. We have the duty as citizens of this country to oppose this in every way and to become the voice of these animals! Saturday 3/24/18  #HRes401  Daily call to action Targets --> Reps #71 - #72 Sunday 3/25/18  #HRes401  Daily action Targets ---> Reps #73 - #74 #HR1406 Call to action, post facebook comments! See tips. Goal: we need between 60 cosponsors to put HR1406 in a favorable position to convince Kevin McCarthy to go above AG Chair Mike Conaway's head, to move it to the House Floor. 287 is 2/3 majority house vote (under suspension) for a Bill to pass. Please help us get there to convince McCarthy!  ---- #HR1406  Call to action Retweets  Warning very graphic! (for the representatives...) ------ If not signed yet. Anyone convicted of involvement in dog-fighting to receive a custodial sentence! To confirm There are moves to delay the Serbian fur farming ban by 10 Years!  We ask Serbia to end this internationally condemned industry (as previously agreed) by January 1st 2019! Pendleton, please end fur sales today No more rainforest destruction for Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Russia. Demanding legislation prohibiting the shooting of dogs in the city of Orenburg! Needs 20,000 sign.! Russia. Meshchovsk. Protest against the illegal shooting of (stray) dogs, this city doesn't have the right to violate the law on the shooting of animals!  Turkey. Keep an eye on the animal abusers and killers. We want the necessary penalties to enter into force! Russia. We demand a toughening of the punishment for cruel treatment of animals. The punishment should be from 1 year to 8 years in prison! Bogota. The Animal Protection Institute of Bogotá received a budget of $ 80,000 million pesos for its operation. However, this budget has not yet been reflected in the care for abused and abandoned animals in the city! Spain. Change the 'animal welfare law' in which we will be prosecuted and fined up to € 5,000 for rescuing abandoned animals! .... We ask facebook to start a network of investigations to penalize the people involved in violating the life of the defenseless. And eradicate all types of violence....(cooperate with PETA f.e.?) Mexico. Take action on the sale of abused and sick animals at the Sonora market in Mexico City Mexico. Prohibit the use of animals for cargo in the urban area of Comarca Lagunera SOAT,  include Veterinary attention for Animals who are Victims of Traffic Accidents Protest. The municipality of Sant Boi de Llobregat will sanction owners of 'potentially dangerous dogs/BSL dogs' if they walk them along with other dogs not classified as such! We do not want courts or parks along the Santa Catarina River, leave fauna and flora as it is
                    =========    News and more    =========  Vote for nr. 1 please! China. NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals; now 3659 votes . Every 24 hours. Now 7876 votes  Reminder, every 24 hrs. as well: China, for Animal welfare, second page, nr. 3, now 1192104 votes!


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