Friday, March 23, 2018

Petitions and More, March 23  On S. Korea, use (Google) translate and/or follow easy instructions . Call for 2 Actions: Amend the constitution for the protection of all animals! ----- C.T.A. Group  #4 (Reps #16-21) 6 emails (calls, US) Repeat March 2, 2018 ,  H.Res.401,, condemning the dog  and cat meat trade Globally is Now Stalled; it was marked up and passed through the F.A.C. with 100% support! Please urge these members of the F.A.C. (who voted in favor of ending this trade), to contact Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to have him move H.Res.401 to the floor for a vote asap! Thursday 3/21/18  #HRes401 Daily call to action, targets  --> Reps #67 - #68 #HR1406  Call to action, emails, we need between 60 cosponsors to put HR1406 in a favorable position to convince Kevin McCarthy to go above AG Chair Mike Conaway's head, to move it to the House Floor!  287 is 2/3 majority house vote (under suspension) for a Bill to pass. Please help us get there to convince McCarthy! ---------  US-info. Ask Your Lawmakers to Support the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act! US-info. Tell the USDA: Speeding Up Pig Slaughter Jeopardizes Animal Welfare! Tell Pendleton the Time to Ditch Fur Is Now!  US-info. If not signed yet. Support new Wild and Scenic River designations included in bills currently pending in Congress that would protect over 1,100 miles of rivers and roughly 300,000 acres of riverside land Save these dogs locked up in a house with prison bars in the ravine of Carmen, Santa Cruz de la Palma, dying in overcrowding, without water and food, living among their own feces and urine! Russia. Moscow City Duma: Stop uncontrolled breeding of domestic animals! We have to request from the authorities, among numerous initiatives, educational campaigns to clarify the duties of Animal Protection NGOs and that they are not  obliged to do the public service of collecting stray animals and act like those who think that animals can be disposed off! Trump’s New Trophy Hunting Council - Do Not Allow The Import Of Endangered Wildlife Trophies!  Harsher punishment for the Farmer, 55, who  hanged his sheepdog Prince from a tree because he didn't round up his flock properly! Prosecute Simone Scott, the gamer who confessed to killing a dog on purpose when she worked as a veterinary technitian Trump's Pick for Toxic Cleanup Supervisor Linked to Toxic Spills
                 =========   News and more     ==========  Positive update and info, once again!  Vote for nr. 1 please! China. NPC deputies suggested that legislation strictly defines and punishes the abuse of animals; now 1752 votes . Every 24 hours Reminder, every 24 hrs. as well: China, for Animal welfare, second page, nr. 3, now     1192069 votes! S. Korea. <Breaking News> It has been confirmed that President Moon Jae-in has newly established the provision of the obligation of the animal-related countries in the amendment proposal. The presidential secretary for national affairs, Cheong Wa Dae, announced today some details of the amendment through a briefing at 11:00 am, saying, "The government has established such a provision for sustainable development and animal protection." KARA, who has been persistently demanding "the right to a census on the Constitution", would like to express his sincere gratitude for the Blue House policy. S. Korea. Today, the Blue House has released the revised amendment to President Moon Jae-in. It was confirmed on the 19th that the President's Constitutional Amendment has created a new national obligation to protect animals! Article 38 of the Constitution inserts the provision that "③ the State shall enforce the policy for animal protection"!
This provision imposes an obligation on the State to establish and enforce an animal protection policy. S. Korea. Animals will be released from physical pain! Starting March 22, it is all illegal to cause physical pain to animals. Care will continue to keep animal abuse monitored and we will take actions! ------- Marc Ching:   Spent the week at the Capital, meeting with representatives in regards to HR 1406 - The Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act, and Hres 401. We met with a dozen different Congressmen, trying to build pressure at the member level, with the hopes of pushing both legislative acts to the floor. Because HR 1406 has so many cosponsors but still has not been called for a vote - we are introducing mirror legislation in the Senate that will be announced in the coming weeks. More

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