Thursday, January 15, 2015

South Korea, Aurora, Colorado

From if not taken action yet:
Mayor Steve Hogan
15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012 USA
Call Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan. 303-739-7015
Call Aurora City Council Members.
Sally Mounier 303-739-7502
Renie Peterson 303-739-7506
Marsha Berzins 303-739-7508
Molly Markert 303-739-7516
Bob Roth 303-739-7510
Bob Broom 303-739-7015
Barbara Cleland 303-739-7524
Brad Pierce 303-739-7514
Debi Hunter Holen 303-739-7518
Bob LeGare 303-366-0113

Dear Mayor Steve Hogan,
Members of the Aurora City Council:

Please watch undercover video from the Moran Market in Seongnam, South Korea:
The city of Aurora should not be a sister city to any city that allows dogs and cats to be tortured and eaten.
Please urge the Seongnam Mayor Jae-Myung Lee and Gyeonggi-do Governor Kyung-Pil Nam to close down Moran Dog Meat Market and all other illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses, markets, truckers and restaurants who serve their products.

An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and meat trade can be found at:

The favor of your reply is requested.
Thank you for your attention to this matter!


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