Friday, January 23, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 23 Prohibit inhumane and unsporting hunting and trapping activities in national preserves across Alaska! Deadline Febr. 15 In the name of protecting Woodland Caribou, the Alberta Government has killed more than 1000 wolves using poison, traps, and guns from helicopters! Scroll down to send your mail please! ZIP=5 digits!   If on Twitter: urge them to do the right thing! @ChristyClarkBC , @JimPrentice Oversight Desperately Needed for (suffering of) Animals at Federal Agriculture Research Facility! Everybody can sign!  Extend Animal Welfare Act Protections to All Animals Used in Research! No chimpanzee transport to China! European Commission, Stop distant animal transports! Close down the US Meat Animal Research Center (MARC)! US-info, ZIP=5 digits Support Long-Term Protection for Red Wolves in North Carolina! BLM Continues to Ignore Sound Wild Horse and Burro Management Strategies! Urge the Philippines to enforce its prohibition against the dog meat trade! Tell Seafood Companies to Stop Supporting Iceland's Endangered Fin Whale Hunt! Dan Wenk, Jonathan Jarvis , Yellowstone's capture and slaughter of America's last wild buffalo is unacceptable! More actions, needing more attention! More comments needed, USFWS proposed listing African lions as "threatened" under the U.S. Endangered Species Act; agree please , before Jan. 27! International Urge the BLM to Protect Threatened Eastern Alaska Wild Lands! Support Ontario’s plan to restrict neonics! Kazachstan, Adopt a Law for the protection and humane treatment of (homeless) animals in Kazakhstan! Stop Export of Zimbabwe's Baby Elephants!
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