Friday, January 30, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 30 Deadline Jan. 30! Support the closure of Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium! Germany, M√ľnster city, Covance Laboratories: an immediate End to Animal Experiments! Imprisonment for Dog torturer and killer Ames Memes, Egypt! (if not signed yet)
Reports of violence, against  Animal as well, must be taken into account! Germany, Stop Torment at Slaughter and make the necessary changes to the Law! Confirm afterwards please Tell BLM: Protect Las Vegas-area Wild Horses & Burros! ZIP=5 digits France, to prohibit access to Bullfights for children under 16 years  Tell Budweiser: Don't Demonize Wolves to Sell Beer! STOP the Further Destruction of the ONLY interior Uplands to Connecticut River corridor
                       ===========   News and more   ==========  Vote NO please! Poll: Do you support the wolf cull, BC?


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