Thursday, January 22, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 22 Please renew the fixed-term contract with Mr. Alain LAURENT, host Wolf-Lynx Network Burgundy regions, Franche-Comté and Northeast! Scroll down to sign Dog Meat South Korea, if not sent a message yet, please do!!france-action-letter/c1w7 France must rescind its plans to import baby elephants from Zimbabwe! Once more! Stop the Sale and Export of Captured Baby Elephants! As well Jail for miserable men who blew up a dog using pyrotechnic games, for fun! This happened in the community of El Negrito, Yoro in Honduras Mexico, a Law to punish animal abuse throughout the state of Chihuahua; there still is no Animal protection Law! Santa Fe, Argentina: Horses are no working tools; abusing an animal like Mary Poppins, now returned to her owner, is an offense under the Penal National Law No. 14,346!  Bulgaria, close your Zoos! English text included Stop the Needless Slaughter of Hundreds of Bison! EU, Stop the cruel and illegal production of foie gras!
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