Monday, January 5, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 5

Germany, LPT Lab Hamburg, Stop your cruel and deadly experiments on animals, use alternatives! Needs more signatures
European Parliament: Abolition of the Cruel Toro de la Vega, Tordesillas! Stop the killing of Dogs in the capital Nouakchott, Mauritania! If not signed yet Once more, KFC: time to adopt a comprehensive, deforestation-free palm oil policy! Several petitions, please use translate Ban on the export from Russia to China, Korea, Vietnam illegally captured domestic and stray cats and dogs, where they come in tons daily resellers in the market as raw flesh for human consumption! Spain, Madrid, Hon. City of Batres  and 1 other: Stop the destruction (of this wildlife area), NO to 'wedding - catering-projects'! Under Section 4g of the ESA an emergency relisting of the Wolves in Idaho and Montana is Warranted
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