Monday, January 26, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 26

Romania, Stop the killing of Dogs, Spay and Neuter! Started Sept. 2013, still topical Cosmetic ingredients are to be tested with alternative methods and no longer on animals! Scroll down for English text, and to sign! Urgent! No chimpanzee sale to China! Animal Park Nadermann, release  the two apes to the sanctuary of AAP! Please send your message (if not done so), letter from Carmen Arsene, URGENT! Stop negotiating in secret and release the text of the TPP and TTIP immediately! France, Jan. 23, 2015, the Senate backtracked on recognition of animals as sentient beings, granted by the National Assembly in October 2014! Protest! Bring to Justice barbaric dog killer Fayruza Kanafeeva from Russia! Don't Let Feds Use "Poison Pills" to Kill Mexican Gray Wolves France,  We demand that the senate reattribute the right, "endowed with feelings" to animals! Ban Animal Hoarder From All Future Ownership of Animals Along - Felony Charges for Animal Neglect
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