Tuesday, January 13, 2015

China, Baotou, the horrific plight of the Dogs in Baotou Animal Jail

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Subject: China. Baotou Animal Jail

Sir, To whom it concerns:

I was very shocked and saddened to hear about Baotou Animal Shelter (dogs jail) about the terrible situation of the dogs!!
Our friends in Baotou told us that everyday many dogs are dying from the cold, hunger and sickness. That sometimes when dogs are dying, they are doused with gasoline and burnt alive. SO CRUEL!

As the UN is set to declare the Universal Animal Welfare Declaration, the world continues to be horrified by images from China:
In China, dogs & cats slaughtered, traded & eaten as livestock illegally. Local CP Government & CP Police involved.
The exorbitant profits come from lowest cost, when dogs & cats are stolen or robbed pets of citizens, guard dogs of villagers, seized or confiscated ones, that are homeless, without paid certificates or higher than 35 cm, by CP Local Government or CP police.
Dogs are confiscated at least once a year to get administration expenses. Homeless dogs seized whenever international games or meetings are held in China. The seized or confiscated dogs are slaughtered cruelly, buried alive, burnt alive, suffocated in hot rooms. The bigger ones are sold to dog traders…
No food & water is given. Just a few volunteers are allowed in to feed the dogs! There is a video which involves Tianjin, Beijing & Shanghai.
The dogs have been slaughtered in various inhuman ways.
Buried or burnt alive, or suffocating in 50 degrees centigrade room, puppies beaten... big ones sold to the dog meat traders, who transport to slaughterhouses, restaurants markets!
The video of Baotou dogs jail, it involves the same thing!

http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzcxNTE4NjIw.html  difficult to access

In China, there seems to be so much burning alive and skinning alive of animals - without any punishment.
Even Officials & police collude with dog traders!
Baotou animal carers are worried about the dogs in the shelter (dogs jail). No water, No food! In order to survive, the dogs lick the ice. T
hey eat the dead bodies of their friends. The 2 old men in charge of the dog jail, are related to the police director – and they keep all the money. No money is spent on the dogs.
Please allow the volunteers to become more involved in caring for the dogs and assisting in management of the shelter and budget. Currently volunteers come on the weekend to feed the dogs.
The old men allow that. But the old men said if any photos are seen on the internet, then the volunteers will not be allowed to come.
Please dismiss the police chief and his family (the 2 old men) for the management of Baotou dogs jail. Substitute with local volunteers (caring people) to take care the dogs, and for the management of the dogs jail.
Please dismiss the local government manager Chen Chen (陈晨) for the management of the dogs jail. Please spend all the money on the dogs but not on the management!
Please follow the international trend ---- giving care to creatures and protection of animals. Please stop the arrest of homeless dogs. Give a living space to the dogs!
Please allow international adoptions!! Let foreigners come to China to adopt Baotou dogs. Especially the homeless dogs.
Please do not let people from the dogs jail mis-manage the shelter and burn the homeless dogs anymore. Too many cats and dogs in China already burned alive, cooked alive, buried alive, peel skin alive (dogs) !! Also for the Fur - foxes, minks etc..
The new UN Agenda talks of an end to old mindsets. It talks of a culture of peace and respect for mother nature and the planet.

Please allow Baotou Shelter (dogs jail) to become a shining example of stray animal care in China – with the help of the Baotou volunteers and caretakers!



【The translation】
两个看守监狱的老人,以及主管公安局长 ,这些人把所有的钱拒为已有。没有把一分钱花在可怜的狗狗们身上。甚至有些狗狗还没死,还剩口气,就残忍地浇上汽油,一把火烧死。
………( Name)
2015年1月 日

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