Thursday, January 1, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan.1 2015 A pledge; more 1-click actions will follow Tell Time Magazine That They Should List Dr. Jane Among Their Top 100 Most Influential People! Turkey, punish those who left newborn puppies to die in garbage bags at the Kayseri Shelters! Argentina, Imprisonment and monetary fine for anyone with animals in poor conditions, mistreated or abandoned! Argentina, Compliance with the Laws that Protect Animal Rights! Argentina, Buenos Aires, Comply with laws 1338 to 1304 and subsequent 4351/12, with a budget allocation, Sept. 2013 by Legislature, of 20.5 million pesos! For jobs for veterinarians, assistants, people who clean, who help animals, who train; to improve the quality of life of both human and nonhuman inhabitants!
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