Saturday, January 24, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 24

Stop the killing of dogs and cats in Tunisia! Please protect Wolves and the Endangered Species Act! US info, ZIP=5 digits An urgent message to send, if not done yet, Cc: ; ! Scroll down to sign (again) Stop Tormenting Infant Monkeys in NIH's Labs! When European farm animals are exported to non-EU countries every shred of protection is rendered meaningless! Mail the media, one at a time! ZIP=5 digits; copy/paste/copy text in Google translate first, and adjust please Thank the New York Times for exposing horrific research on animals on farms! Graphic. France: for the requirement of prior stunning of animals at slaughter, without exception! Japan, students asking for the abolition of the gas chamber/culling of pets, a ban on selling them, and humane shelters Tell New Mexico's Governor to Save New Mexico's Last Free-flowing River
                     ==========   News and more    ========= Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI (ECR/PL) on the ongoing brutal slaughter of dogs in Romania and the new regulations which will increase the horrifying situation by adding millions of dogs to be killed by the corrupt gangs, which are even going into private homes to catch dogs and benefit from this by being paid a high fee!


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