Monday, January 19, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 19  All petitions need more signatures More signatures please: We reject the opening and extension of a breeding facility for 1600 primates for research near Strasbourg! Investigate the manager of ASPA for accusing Organisations, saving Romanian dogs, that 90% of the adopted dogs goes to Denmark and Germany for bestiality practices!  Kastamonu, Turkey, Çatalzeytin Municipality, Stop the Dog massacres! (started Febr. 2014) Turkey, which human conscience can remain indifferent to these atrocities? Cats and dogs being slaughtered! Police Dep., Santiago, Chile: Investigate the poisoning and shooting of cats, and prohibit the use of weapons in Villa de Carabineros! Apply appropriate sanctions, as animal abuse is a crime! Stop the 'Novillada', Stop torturing and and killing calves, Jan. 25, Vic Fezensac, France .. Codrongianos kennel, North Sardinia, Italy, should remain, stop the atrocious deportation of the dogs! English text under ‘more’ Australia's unique natural places deserve strong protection by the law, needs much more attention, sign please! Save the Great Barrier Reef: Help Strengthen Environmental Laws! As well!
                       ========   News and more   ========= Our goal is to provide a refuge to draft horses that have been slated to be slaughtered, Western New York,  Wyoming County, just outside of East Aurora


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